Business Technology

Database Administration and Management

Database administration and management systems store, organize and manage ordinarily bulky information in an interactive software application. Databases eliminate the redundancy and limited access to information that are the trademark traditional filing systems. Get better access to more relevant data with efficiency, security, and compatibility.

We create and or coordinate the administration of your database to maintain accurate records and provide queries and reports to proactively identify new prospects and qualify existing prospects. While maintaining database integrity, our systems help you to optimize leadership and planning for development processes and procedures in a variety of areas. Streamlined data entry practices, donations/payment processing reporting, event analysis, system enhancements, and data analysis help to uncover trends and inform strategy within the organization.

Cloud-based Solutions

The ability to scale and digitize your enterprise is no longer optional in more increasingly tech-reliant economies. Reducing overhead, increasing efficiency, maintaining security, and adhering to compliance can be a deterrent for many organizations. Get the assistance you need for developing and maintaining ideal performance cloud-based solutions to optimize your business technology. We help you to minimize downtime, be cost-efficient and manage performance.

Custom cloud-based solutions offer support, development, and hosting assistance to optimize your enterprise at all levels. Expertise in cybersecurity, disaster recovery, SAAS, IAAS, PAAS, and development provide leverage for improved operations. Get a managed cloud server platform to host your desktop, data, and applications for agility, security, business continuity, and geographic availability.













Enterprise IT Solutions

Remote access tools are constantly evolving, becoming increasingly more important to your daily operations. Your MyEISP team will always have the latest, most tested remote access tools available for your use and benefit. Enterprise IT and Remote Desktop access support services allow for better budgeting of resources, scheduling flexibility and more reliable operations. There’s no more waiting on hold for hours for someone not to understand that you have other things to do. forget trying to reschedule your calendar to accommodate a service visit. Reduce the downtime and increased the cost of having on-site staff. Forgo that trip across town to stand in line at the tech store.

With MyEISP, you can always opt to get IT guidance right away through remote access. Your assigned network administrator has access to your network and has alerts to notify them anytime your network experiences an issue or glitch. Often, they may spot a potential issue for immediate correction. Maintain business continuity with enterprise technology solutions.

My Enterprise IT Solutions Plan (MyEISP) – MyEISP (My Enterprise Solutions Plan) is ideal for businesses of any size seeking off-premises IT solutions for security, optimization, and resolution. MyEISP (My Enterprise Technology Solutions Plan) and Remote Desktop services allow you to operate securely and with confidence. 24/7 Network Monitoring | Network Security and Installation | Consultation | Computer Repair

Let us work with you to devise your technology solution.