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Irkalla Group Consulting is a prominent growth strategy and development firm with a focus on innovation, scale, and management. We service clients from a vast range of industries in the U.S. and abroad.
In this ever-changing world where profit margins and growth are at a premium, our mission is to use our expertise and leverage to help achieve your goals. IGC clients and our client’s businesses are treated with respect and understanding, as we start where you are on your journey to success. Our blend of traditional consulting and coaching, mixed with our digital expertise sets us apart as a contemporary and innovative consultancy. We are flexible in our approach to coaching, consulting, and management in that we provide a customized interface to suit your business and individual needs. 
Our team of experienced and qualified consultants and coaches are able to bring real-world knowledge and creative ideas to the table as part of our consulting service. We come from a wide range of backgrounds with differing expertise, which combined together optimizes the value we can deliver to our clients.
Irkalla Group understands that each consulting project is different, so we’ve developed a process that balances flexibility to your needs and a suitable theory-based structure.

We help you get from where you are to where you need to be. Private clients and business clients get help to address critical issues. Irkalla Groiup Consulting provides services and solutions across more than 20 industries in 10 industry groups.

Irkalla Group Consulting is a female owned management consulting firm. Our background is in leadership and development in underrepresented populations. An in depth understanding and appreciation of diversity and inclusion is at the forefront of our operations. As, Sr. Managing Consultant, Tessa Irkalla creates meaningful experiences for clients at all levels to promote economies of scale. Meet Tessa.

We work with you across the globe via video conference or in person. Engagements may be at your facility or a location that you specify.

Solutions strategy

You’ve relied upon everything you know to get you where you are today, that’s great! Is it going to get you where you need to be tomorrow?


We assist in developing, implementing, and navigating a competitively sustainable business model. Clients benefit from internal and competitive strategic analysis to streamline processes and reduce expenses for new markets and redesign. A combination of academic and pracademic strategies is applied to gain technological differentiation, ideal customer engagement matrixes, all while improving performance.


Application of growth strategies (diversification, product/service development, market penetration, and market development) based on knowledge, skills, and attitude spark creative and measurable action for repeatable results. Our academies level the playing field by equipping clients with skills to access funding, develop markets, leverage technology, and maximize resources.


We provide specialized employee engagement services to businesses that are ready to engage the innovative capacities of their talent pool to maximize the output of their company. We focus on improving culture, communications, and operations for leadership development and sustainable business. We provide a variety of interactive and relevant employee training, speaking engagements, workshop facilitation, and special projects to support company culture, promote diversity, reconcile inclusion, and encourage cultural competency.

Action strategy


My coaching program is designed to provide you with the tools to identify and transform your predominantly fear-based reactions and attitudes into predominantly mindful, positive responses and attitudes. This mindset can lead to deep inner wisdom, dynamic spiritual insight, optimal health, improved relationships and greater happiness and wellbeing. In a positive mindset, you can find your purpose, meaning, empowerment and happiness from within, allowing it to radiate from your inner core, ultimately attracting the same.

Go ahead, discover your greatest self, I’m looking forward to seeing who you become!

Businesses and Non-Profit engagements are about effective implementation of proactive strategies for enterprise-wide improvements. Maintain operational efficiency and organizational effectiveness with structured support and situational guidance for consistent improvements.

All programs are curated and customized to meet participant and enterprise needs. Our modules enable business owners and executives to make the most impactful progress in supporting success strategies for the ultimate in performance satisfaction.

Access online the online collection for available on-demand courses, recorded workshops, ebooks, and assorted other digital media to help you start where you are to gain the competitive edge you need.

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The Diversity and Inclusion Collective offer diversity, inclusion, soft-skills, and cultural competency training and support for public and private enterprises. The DAIC online platform helps companies and volunteer organizations to focus on the advancement of cultural competence delivered in an experiential training environment that promotes active learning and retention.

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The Women’s Leadership and Development Hub is a membership hub for women business owners and employees to come together to positively influence social and economic development for women and girls across the globe using current technology and existing resources for a lasting legacy.

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Hustle Mind Online is a business owner’s live-action resource for access, application, and accountability in the global business community. Success Squads help you to launch, grow, and manage your business while using the most current technologies and resources. Get immediate feedback, coordinate projects, collaborate on campaigns and increase your outreach with Hustle Mind Online.

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Let's find out where you are and how to get you to where you want to be.

Process strategy

This stage is about understanding you, your business, industry, and customers. To get a true understanding of your business, we work with you to gain detailed insights. We analyze further information and market review to understand your business landscape. The extent of this stage is dependent on the business and type of consulting project.
This stage is about learning where you are and how we can help you to get where you want to be. We discuss the findings from the initial stage to chart your strategic direction. Clear upon your objectives and circumstances, we can then design your success formula.
This stage sees the delivery of outcomes, usually a plan or brief. It contains a range of strategies, tactics, and action items to make your success formula. Delivering materials in useful formats helps communicate transition strategies with directors and boards. We supplement materials that are digestible, providing support training and materials when required.
This stage forms the bulk of the consulting process. We develop project goals, time frames, and milestones for your action plan. Your engagement focus area combines practical and academic tools to boost performance. Custom engagements can contain many components. Each focus area fits to deliver a comprehensive consulting program.
This is the implementation stage. Here is where you work your success formula. You use your toolbox to augment your legacy. We chart your progress and correct it as needed. More help is available throughout your engagement.
Clients often enjoy ongoing support to reinforce habits when engagements end. These accountability sessions offer flexible platforms and practical methodologies at any level. Many sessions measure performance and promote development.


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