Business is Personal – Soft Skills, Diversity, Inclusion, and Cultural Competence


The Business is Personal Workshop includes; the four main areas of soft skills  training and worksheet, diversity and inclusion experiential training module, cultural competence interactive, break out sessions

Duration: 1 | 120-minutes session 3 | 10-minutes break out

Delivery Method: On-site/virtual

Additional: Certificate of Completion

Population: Individual or Group


The economy favors organizations that prioritize customer satisfaction. Companies suffer when there is no balance between internal customer satisfaction and external customer satisfaction. Company cultures benefit from a talent pool rich in diversity and inclusion, defined soft skills and cultural competence. The Business is Personal -Soft Skills, Diversity, Inclusion, and Cultural Competency Workshop is a great team-building activity, accompaniment to any sales training, leadership seminar, or volunteer engagement. This workshop helps organizations to focus on the advancement of cultural competence and sensitivity delivered in an experiential training simulation that promotes active learning for productive, engaged employees and volunteers. Private personal engagements are also available for those who qualify.

Improve engagement, reduce turnover and encourage a community culture of acceptance and appreciation with The Business is Personal – Soft Skills, Diversity, Inclusion and Cultural Competency Workshop. Participants will feel more confident, present, inspired to deliver their best self.

If anyone says that business isn’t personal, they’re probably not in business.


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