Transformational Leadership and Development Coaching


The Business is Personal Workshop includes; the four main areas of soft skills  training and worksheet, diversity and inclusion experiential training module, cultural competence interactive, break out sessions

Duration: 3 – 90-minutes sessions, 3 10-minutes accountability check-ins

Delivery Method: On-site/virtual

Additional: Email support, Text Support, Call recording

Population: Individual or Group


We build strong connections to foster meaningful collaboration for catalytic growth and transformative leadership among entry-level through seasoned senior executives. Our programs are designed to equip individuals with knowledge, insight, and accountability to lead and inspire teams. Business owners and executives ignite growth personally and professionally to transform future generations.


Women’s Leadership and Development Coaching – Work-life balance is a myth. If you’re working on yourself, for yourself or working for someone else, reaching a happy medium seems elusive. Stereotypes, responsibilities, and cultural opinion make it difficult to access the quality knowledge and consistent opportunity you require to reach your fullest potential. Women’s Leadership and Development Coaching allows you to explore and address issues and concerns that may be preventing your personal and professional development. Easily manage both your online and offline profiles, feel comfortable in your options to delegate, move with confidence, improve time management, reduce toxic relationships, be in the moment, and stifle negative self-talk. Learn how to communicate your wants, get your needs met and become the hero you’ve always needed. With weekly challenges, discussion forums and education sessions, be supported, encouraged and inspired in the Women’s Leadership and Development Hub.

Entrepreneurial Leadership and Development Coaching – Your business problems aren’t going to be solved with employee-level thinking. You don’t know what you don’t know, but we do. Leverage qualitative and quantitative knowledge and resources to change your mindset, control profit to secure the legacy you desire. Utilizing a values-based approach to define purpose, detail action, and benchmark, you will begin to improve outcomes with confident consistency. Develop the clarity and leadership skills that you need;

  • for effective oral and written interpersonal  communication
  • to effectuate appropriate networking for increased opportunity
  • to practice good self-care
  • to maintain harmonious work-life integration
  • design, implement and update your customized Personal Development Plan
  • to achieve personal and professional benchmarks

With Transformational Leadership and Development Coaching you to capitalize on your capabilities while improving opportunity for long-term satisfaction.


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