To Know is To Not Know

This is truer than people might realize. Dig deep, there is a significant powerful truth buried in this statement that can redefine life and create more positive and powerful experiences. As we navigate life, become educated in society, and learn from experiences we inevitably think we know.

We know what people are like, we know what this means and that means, we know what to expect, and we know what will be good and what will be bad. All of these perceptions are defining a reality before it even has a chance to show you something different.

To know is to not know is a statement that drops judgment and allows the experience to demonstrate something new. It also creates an openness for you to discover more; this could be more about you, more about life, more about people, or more about situations. You have still your past experiences there to offer insight and you allow the present experience to reveal more or create something new.

We often say we are not defined by our past. This is the way our life is meant to be and yet, we often are limiting our future based on past experiences. If this is true in our lives, then we are being defined by our past. All that is needed is a shift in perspective. When the body, emotions, or mind reacts to a situation, person, or whatever, then you want to seize the moment and be curious enough to ask why you are reacting the way you are.

When you are reacting to a situation, it is fear based. This could be a belief, a family emotional trigger, a self-esteem issue, or any other root causes. Being curious and identifying this allows a couple of things to happen. Recognizing the reaction allows you to step back and inquire deeper. This will enable you to discover issues that you can then begin correcting or accepting. Second, stepping back from the reaction for reflection will allow you to respond rather than react. When you are responding to a situation, it is based in peace.

There is so much more that can be explored from this place. Personal power, personal responsibility, accepting responsibility, victimization, emotions, emotional hijacking and sabotage; there are so many depths, twists, and turns along this road of spiritual awareness. Owning and understanding that aspect of your nature allows room for so much of life’s experiences to occur and provide learning. Change is also easier to embrace and navigate.

To know is to not know. I’d just invite you to entertain this possibility and play with it in new situations. Whenever you find a judgment popping up, step back from it and say, “I see you, now let’s just wait and see.” Sometimes, the judgment may be right. Won’t it be wonderful and surprising to experience new truths when the judgment is wrong?

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